Join Friends of YaaW, a community of the most active and influencial legacy supporters from all around the world committed to changing the reality of Africa


Friends of Yaa W.

Friends of Yaa W. is a community of our most active and influential legacy supporters. It is a community of women and men from around the world who are committed to changing the reality of Africa.

It’s More than just Giving once a Month

It’s making a tangible difference across Africa and in the lives

of so many women. As a Friend of Yaa W, you will join us on this journey and will be connected to our work and informed about your role in obtaining our vision.


You choose the level of your impact by choosing the amount

you would like to give every month and how you would like your gift to be used. Our giving partner will automatically collect your gift every month!


We promise you a no hassle guarantee

Your first gift will be charged today. You can change or cancel your monthly gift at any time.


Here's what it does

Largest Online Community  ($10)

Combine your favorite networking platform and e-learning platform, then add some African swag to it. We are building

this for Africa to change the world.

Professional STEM Sorority Chapters ($5)

We recognize the power in having a tight knit group of like minded women. These chapters will serve as an avenue to create micro communities for macro impact.

Hosting Online Events and Programs ($2)

We utilize instructors during our training program to help the students learn

a range of topics: Python, Java, data science, SQL, etc.

Online Training via Code Academy ($3)

Throughout the year we cover the cost of online training and internet for

our thousand of fellows to ensure ongoing learning.