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Solving the Algorithm: Women in Machine Learning Conference

We are making herstory. Yielding Accomplished African Women (Yaa W.)  presents “Solving the Algorithm: Women in Machine Learning Conference.This was the first ever women in machine learning conference on the continent of Africa.

Machine Learning is the future. From making farming easier in food deserts and drought affected areas  to health improvements like early diagnosis of potential life threatening diseases, machine learning powered systems are drastically changing the way business is done across all industry sectors. This fully funded conference will be an opportunity to equip African Women with the tools and skills needed to be leaders in this emerging field.

According to the United Nations Development Program, 66% of sub-saharan African women work in informal labor markets and in the age of technology many of these jobs may be lost in the future due to automation. This program was created to  prepare African women for the Fourth Industrial Revolution as the programs created today will inform the systems built tomorrow.


  • Teach you key concepts in machine learning that will make you competitive in the marketplace

  • Provide resources to support young women interested in building a career in Machine Learning

  • Deliver insights into careers in machine learning and artificial intelligence at Google

  • Inspiring keynotes

  • Machine learning tutorials

  • Networking with Google employees

  • Community building exercises with other women in tech 

  • Professional development training

Participants will enjoyed a 2.5 day immersive experience with:

Date: December 5th to 7th, 2019

Location: La Palm Hotel 

​This event is sponsored by Google and facilitated by YAAW.